FOSDEM PGDay 2018 will be held on February 2nd in Brussels as an extension to the regular PostgreSQL activities at FOSDEM.

FOSDEM PGDay is a one day PostgreSQL event ahead of the FOSDEM conference in Brussels, Belgium, focused entirely on PostgreSQL.

The conference is a single day single track event. It will feature talks on a variety of PostgreSQL topics, and will be a complement to the activites that will be held during FOSDEM on Saturday/Sunday, February 3rd and 4th. PostgreSQL Europe will be hosting our normal PostgreSQL Devroom at the main FOSDEM event on Saturday, February 3rd. This will be on-site with FOSDEM, and of course invites all attendees of FOSDEM, not just those attending our Friday event.

Code of Conduct

PostgreSQL conferences have an amazing atmosphere and are very welcoming to new people joining the community. This is something we treasure and we won't tolerate any form of abuse or violations. Should any situation or question arise, please see our Code of Conduct for the rules as well as how to report violation of these rules. Let's make FOSDEM PGDay 2018 a great experience for everyone!